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Micah Eckenfels, the Owner of Misty Mountain Woodworks, Inc., has had an interest in engineering and design as long as he can remember.  His passion and skill have only gotten better and more fine tuned over the years. His training began with working on many of the high end homes in the Yellowstone Club in Big Sky, Montana.  In 2007, Micah, decided it was time to go into business for himself.  Since then, Micah and his team have done work all over the beautiful Gallatin Valley and Southwest Montana.  He has also worked on many of the beautiful homes in Jackson, Wyoming.  


Misty Mountain Woodworks has been privileged to showcase our work in five Parade Homes.  We have worked on a home designed by Medicine Hat and showcased in the September 2013 issue of Sunset Magazine.  In the April 2016 issue of Big Sky Journal, as well as the November/December 2017 issue of Cowboys and Indians, our work was also featured.  It was a custom bed built by Misty Mountain Woodworks in conjunction with Yellowstone Custom Country Homes.  More recently, our work has been featured in Mountain Living Magazine for a project we worked on in collaboration with Furn Design Studio.

We really are fortunate to call the Gallatin Valley our home.  Not only do we live in one of the most beautiful "playgrounds" on earth, but we are surrounded by a tight-knit community who truly cares about maintaining a high quality of life for all of our families. 

We work hard to design and build the absolute best for our clients.  We are fortunate to have a highly-skilled team that we are proud to have working with us, and to be able to work with the some of the finest contractors, subcontractors, and designers in Montana.  Our attention to detail has helped us to build our reputation as we continually work hard to expand our knowledge and refine our skill to give homeowners beautiful homes with fine finishes. 

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